Echo Chamber

 Echo Chamber is an interactive sound sculpture that encompasses public art, musical composition, and piano performance. It is a collaboration between site-specific artist Mark Reigelman, music composer David Bird, and pianist Ning Yu. Echo Chamber is a musical and visual experience that invites the community to explore, listen, and speak, and challenges the ways in which we experience music and art in both public and private spaces.

Extending over 11 feet into the air, Echo Chamber consists of 56 stacked metal tubes creating an enormous facade of resonance and reflectivity. While some of the custom tubes will be hollow chambers, others will be tuned to a unique resonant frequency and contain a multichannel composition by David Bird. The composition utilizes two primary sound materials: prerecorded environmental sounds around GW’s campus and a piano performance by Ning Yu. The spacious harmonies of the composition work to intertwine, complement, and reinforce the acoustic properties of the sculpture.

New Solo Album

Of Being (forthcoming early 2020 by New Focus Recordings)
The album includes world premiere recordings of three piano solo works by Emily Praetorius, Wang Lu and Misato Mochizuki. Stay tuned!

solo album.jpg